Terms and Conditions of Use


I keep this website up as a business for me, and as a service to you and all my customers.  By using my website, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions of use as, and the spirit in which, they are written, no bs.  Review them, they are pretty standard, and are in the spirit of any terms and condition template on the web, which you should also read if you don’t think mine is complete or clear.  Also, you should check back from time to time to see if they have changed.  If you don’t agree to any of my terms and conditions, you should click away from this fantastic website and not buy any of the great stuff I have here for you.


And now, if you’ve made it this far…

  1. 1.  You accept my agreement.  By using my site (“Retro Sport Closeout”), you agree to the terms and conditions in this Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) with respect to Retro Sport Closeout.  This is the only agreement between me and you.  If there was an agreement before this one, as it relates to anything about Red Bins and its content, products, and/or services, that one is out the window and this one is in.
  3. 2.  Changes to the Agreement with you and Retro Sport Closeout.  I can change this thing at any time without telling a soul.  So if you think I can’t be trusted, you should check back as often as you think is necessary.
  5. 3.  Who you are on Retro Sport Closeout.  By entering your customer information, you are saying that information is true and that you agree to these terms and conditions.  I can delete your account at any time at my discretion.  I won’t unless you do something crazy, but I can if I want to.  You also promise and warrant and all those related legal terms that if you are purchasing something from me on Retro Sport Closeout, and that all of your credit card information is correct and legal in all ways, and that you are going to pay the whole amount charged as per your agreement with the particular company/bank of the card you used.  I don’t owe anybody because of your refusal or inability to pay.  You also agree that I, my attorneys, or staff can check the validity of any and all of the information you’ve given Retro Sport Closeout or me.
  7. 4.  The Stuff on the Retro Sport Closeout.  Everything that is on the site (the content, the pics, the way it’s laid out, the design, the graphics, the everything) is protected by whatever copyright or trademark laws that apply.  You can’t rip anything from here and use it anywhere else unless you are linking back to Retro Sport Closeout on social media or email and telling the world where they can get such incredible stuff at affordable prices.  You don’t own it if you rip it though, it’s all still mine.
  9. 5.  Use of Retro Sport Closeout.  Like I said in number 4, I’ll allow you to use the pics, links, logo, name and any of the other stuff on here if you are linking back to me and telling people where to get the great gear you're bragging about.  You don’t get to act like any of it is yours and you don’t get to profit in any way from the use of it.  If you do, that’s my money and remember, by using this site, you agree to that too.  These rights listed here are not transferrable to anyone or anything or any legal entity at any time for any reason
  11. 6.  Changing Retro Sport Closeout.  I can change anything on Retro Sport Closeout at any time and for any reason.  You can’t.
  13. 7.  Blaming me about Retro Sport Closeout.  You agree to hold me and any of my affiliates, partners, family members, associates, friends, social media followers and friends, and staff (“Other Folks”) from any negative happening, loss, liability, expense, debt, and claim, including a lawyer, regarding in any way a violation by you of this Agreement or use of or purchase from Retro Sport Closeout.  Everything on Retro Sport Closeout is presented to you “As-Is”.  The products, information, coding, and services may have glitches, or bugs, or problems (hopefully not the services) and the Other Folks and I aren’t responsible or liable for any damages, monetary or otherwise, that occur from you use of Retro Sport Closeout or any of the information, products, services, or coding on the site.
  15. 8.  Privacy on Retro Sport Closeout.  My policy on your privacy is spelled out on its own so go click on that, but it’s covered under this Agreement.
  17. 9.  Viruses or Malware or Spyware on Retro Sport Closeout.  I’ve taken every reasonable step to ensure and keep Retro Sport Closeout free of any bad stuff on the internet.  All customer information has been secured behind what I was told was the best security available, Transport Layer Security.  I will not be liable or to blame in any way if some bad person out there uses their knowledge of computer science and the internet to rob you and/or me, and neither will the Other Folks.
  19. 10.  Other services on Retro Sport Closeout.  I have two third-party services on Retro Sport Closeout.  At the bottom of the ‘About Us’ page, I have my website guy and my design guy listed at the bottom.  They, and any other third-parties that may be added in the future, are not Retro Sport Closeout.  So any goods or services you contract or buy or whatever from them has nothing to do with me.  I don’t perform any of the services or provide any of the products that you get from them.  My name in Bennett, and I ain’t in it.  And you should read all of their agreements and terms and conditions and policies because when you deal with them, you are under those agreements.  And those agreements etc… have nothing to do with this Agreement.
  21. 11.  Securities on Retro Sport Closeout.  Nothing in Retro Sport Closeout is meant to warrant or represent actual future events.  Any forward looking or promotional type language is designed to pump Retro Sport Closeout up and isn’t meant to actually, only hopefully, predict the future.  And just like your investment broker, I’m not guaranteeing any securities, and I’m not selling any securities, and I don’t want any securities.
  23. 12.  Links on Retro Sport Closeout.  There aren’t any links on Retro Sport Closeout to other websites that I know of yet.  And there shouldn’t be as of the latest editing of this Agreement.  If there is one that I don’t know about, or should I add one in the future, I’m not responsible for any of the content or services or products or promises or representations or warranties or anything at all, or any liabilities or debts or losses of any kind that you incur, at any time, past or present or future, from your use of that website.  My name is Bennett, and I ain’t in it.
  25. 13.  Returns to Retro Sport Closeout.  See my Shipping and Returns policy. 
  27. 14.  Testimonies/Suggestions/Submissions to Retro Sport Closeout.  Anything you write or send to me, physically or through the intraweb (internet), and I love to get stuff from you, is mine and only mine and is not subject to any agreement of privacy on our part.  Posting a photo or image of you or someone else and tagging me in any way to the post is the same as sending me the photograph or image to use on my site or anywhere I can promote myself or Retro Sport Closeout.  I love to use pics of my customers in my gear and and I love to use the great stuff my customers say about my service or products or website.  Keep ‘em coming!
  29. 15.  The law and Retro Sport Closeout.  You agree that if you want to bring any legal action or proceeding against Retro Sport Closeout, that you’ll do it in California.  Retro Sport Closeout is created and controlled by Red Bin Closeouts, LLC in the State of California, U.S.A.  Because of that, it makes sense that the laws of California are what govern this Agreement and Retro Sport Closeout and your use of it.