Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice


I collect some personal information when you register on and purchase from Retro Sport Closeout.  I also collect information from you periodically through email, newsletter, or social media.  


There are several reasons for me to collect this information, and none of them are nefarious.  

The first and most obvious is that you’re buying one of the products I offer and the transaction needs to be completed, including shipping.  

I always want to give you the best experience at Retro Sport Closeout, so I may be able to personalize your experience at Retro Sport Closeout using information you’ve provided.

I am always trying to improve the site.  Any and all information that I can use to that end, I reserve the right to (and probably will). 

Is it safe?

I use a secure server to protect all of your information.  Any financial, credit, or otherwise sensitive information used in a transaction is transmitted via Transport Layer Security (TLS) and is then encrypted when it gets into my payment gateway provider’s (Paypal or Chase Paymentech) database.  Only authorized people can get access to the information at that point and are required to keep the information confidential.  I have taken all actions necessary to be in compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act and the Children Online Privacy Protection Act.  In fact, I’ve even given myself a 2-year bump up to 15 years of age instead of 13.  


Cookies should be called crumbs.  They are little computer files that you take with you in your computer from websites or providers that you’ve visited.  They’re basically for the websites or providers to remember/recognize you if you’ve gone away and come back.  In that way, they enhance the security between you and Retro Sport Closeout.  Retro Sport Closeout uses cookies but not for any third party and they aren’t spy cookies.  (For nefarious cookies that have been placed on Retro Sport Closeout without my knowledge, see my terms and conditions.)  

You can always clear your cookies or disallow cookies altogether.

Although I don’t know how to right now, in the future I may use cookies to compile aggregate data about site traffic and other statistics to make Retro Sport Closeout better.  I may even contract a third-party provider to compile those stats, but whoever I contract will not be permitted to use any of the information they acquire while under contract with me for any purpose other than the contracted one, and will be required to keep all information confidential from anyone but me.


By using this site, you agree to this Privacy Policy and everything in it.


I can change this at any time and for any reason.  You can’t.

This policy was last modified on 2/3/15


If you have any concerns or questions or suggestion about this privacy policy, please contact me at